Therapeutic Piano Lessons

to promote healing trauma and brain development


Your Music Therapy Connection for Mental Health and Cognitive Brain Development

Music therapy and cognitive brain development training may improve:

Depression Symptoms

Daily Function


Skills Development

Overall Quality of Life

Group Interactions

Emotional Expression

Many businesses online claim that they offer these therapeutic services but often fall short and lack the credentials necessary to legitimately offer them. Artomya is the solution to this problem. With piano lessons and cognitive brain development exercises, Artomya is at the forefront of changing how mental health and trauma are handled worldwide.

What Is Artomya?

Artomya is an innovative, online platform that uses piano lessons and arts education to:

  • address the effects of trauma in children and adults

  • promote brain development in students

  • improve arts access to communities around the world.

Artomya fulfilling an unmet need in the mental health and musical education industries. Each animated course is fun and engaging, while relying on evidence-based practices and techniques that help people heal and grow

Artomya is a series of courses created by

Ms. Lyena Atonyicq

Artomya Courses

Deliver the highest-quality teaching and therapeutics

Direct students through a linear progression through a skill-building sequence that reflects expert music theory pedagogy

Creates a vibrant community through social sharing via Facebook that allows students to share, interact, request, feedback and celebrate successes

Appeal to children and their grown-ups! Music and art lessons can be fun and vibrant, no matter your age!

Artomya Subscription Structure

Each subscription provides access to all courses, on-demand access to completed training (cannot advance until passing previous level), an online community where students can upload videos of playing for critique by degree-holding pianist (including video direction), and access to music therapeutics for those suffering from mental illness or trauma.

Fundraising on WeFunder

Artomya will be fundraising on WeFunder to collect the necessary investments to build a course and facilitate its growth to create a consistent revenue stream. Approximately $200,000 is necessary to create the courses, facilitate the platform, etc.

  • $30,000 for animation for first 10 courses

  • $100,000 for programming and development of Artomya platform and first 10 courses

  • $70,000 for marketing, web hosting, professional fees, fundraising costs, and other early-phase administrative costs

Artomya Timeline

September 2022 – Begin Course Build; Begin Implementing Marketing Strategies

October 2022 – Start App Build

November 2022 – Soft Launch for Audience Testing; Use Feedback To Implement Changes for Full Launch in October October

January 2023 – Full Launch of Courses; Market Using Fall/Back to School Vibes

March 2023 – Goal of 500 Recurring Course Students; Positive Revenue and Profit

May 2023 – Artomya Rising in Rank for Piano Lessons and Therapeutics; Goal of 1000 Recurring Students

Want to Do More?

Significant and sustaining donations at this phase of Artomya's growth will catalyze our early days. We'd love to tell you more about our financially-viable, socially-conscious arts education organization. Please reach out to learn more about our day-to-day operations, our plan for sustainability, and our vision for a generation of children healed by music